Websters June Newsletter


It was good to be back on the island. Weather was sketchy but we had a hell of a time. Check out our facebook page to see some pics from the weekend. Pirate fest is next. Make your plans in advance and just a reminder; we are only playing Friday and Saturday this time. There are some links below to help you get started on your plans.

  • ·         PIRATE FEST-June 24th, 25th
  • ·         CHRISTMAS IN JULY-July 22nd, 23rd & 24th
  • ·         LABOR DAY WEEKEND-September  2nd, 3rd & 4th
  • ·         HALLOWEEN-October 21st & 22nd



Lots of you remembered Thursdays at HOPPS?

It was great to see a lot of familiar faces. We will pass back through on Saturday, August 13th. Spread the word….The Websters are back!

After Hours on the Square

What an amazing evening. Please check out our facebook page to see some great pics with us and the kids. We are so looking forward to our next West Chester gig on Thursday, August 25th. Thanks to everyone who came out to open up the summer festivities on the square.

DAYTON, there is chum in the water

The only place to see us this summer will be at SHARKEYS so mark your calendars. Friday June 10th is our first!

Q102 Party on the River

Our one and only show down on the Ohio is Wednesday, June 15th. Come enjoy the summer fun.


We will be stopping by Bennie’s Pizza in Marysville on Saturday, June 11th. From what we hear, it is a great venue and great pizza to boot.

Oh West Virginia….

It started at the Polo Club and the saga continues at Fishbone on Friday, June 17th. Get the word out…..The Websters are coming back to WV!

It’s Festival Season

We will be taking the stage at the Berry Festival at Testerman Park on Saturday, June 18th from 8-11 with fireworks following the show. We will then be heading over to Glenwood Gardens Park for The Big Bug Festival on Sunday, June 19th playing from 7-9. Both Family Friendly events.  Bring the Grandparents!

OH-IO Columbus

July is the month. We are starting the month out with our debut at Park Street Patio on Friday, July 1st. You can also check us out at Kickstand Pub on Saturday the 9th. It’s been a while Columbus so mark your calendars!

We’re back Oregon

We will be revisiting the stage for the Oregon Independence festival on Sunday, the 3rd. We had a great crowd last year. Looking forward to a great night of Music and Fireworks.

Cleveland, Surprise

We are back at The Boneyard after a year away. They have a brand new patio and any game you can think of to play….drunk! We’ll see you on Saturday July 2nd!





  • ·         Sharkeys-Friday, June 10th
  • ·         Bennie’s Pizza(Marysville)-Saturday, June 11th
  • ·         Party @ Sawyer Point-Wednesday, June 15th
  • ·         Fishbone(West Virginia)-Friday, June 17th
  • ·         Berry Festival(Testerman Park)-Saturday, June 18th
  • ·         Big Bug Festival(Glenwood Gardens Park)-Sunday, June 19th
  • ·         Oregon Independence Festival-Sunday, July 3rd
  • ·         Fishbone(WV)-Friday and Saturday-July 15th & 16th
  • ·         Ohio Balloon Festival(Marysville)-Friday, August 19th