Quinn Bolton

Quinn Bolton - Lead Vocals

Cincinnati native, Quinn Bolton began performing in the 5th grade at the age of ten when he played the part of the wizard in "The Wizard of Oz." He also designed the evil wizard's head as well as the program cover. Soon after, Quinn and a few of his friends began staying after school to put together a Do-Wop/Acapella Quartet. "Yah, we were like this post-Sweathog (Welcome Back Kotter) group of motleys. I have no idea where any of those guys are today. I know one's dead." Quinn began sitting in with his two older brothers who were in a band. He would also experiment with his brothers' instruments when their backs were turned. That's when he found a love for drums. "… the whole time I played drums, people would always say 'sounds good and all--but you should just sing and focus on that.' But I'm not bitter or anything!!" While tagging along with their older brothers, Quinn met future friend and band mate, Tom King. They joined a metal cover band called Tryaxx, covering such bands as Def Leppard, The Scorpions, The Ramones, Judas Priest, and Iron Maiden. "I remember this one gig where my brothers had to pull Tom and me out from the woods. We were playin' guns and they kept telling me to wash my neck and change my dirty Dukes of Hazard shirt. We were 12 and 13 and these guys were 18 and 19…you know we were screwing up their gig at the Amvets." Quinn was also into Rap/Hip Hop music. His favorites being Kraftwerk, Africa Bombotta, run DMC, Egyptian Lover, Grand Master Flash, and new comers to the scene, the Beastie Boys. He liked the bands Supertramp, Electric Light Orchestra, The Police, and INXS, too. "I was a mess! I was this Rapping/Break Dancing/ Metal Head misfit…all I wanted to do is write and express myself."

In 1981, Quinn auditioned and was accepted into the Cincinnati School of Creative and Performing Arts. There he majored in Art and Drama and minored in Vocals and Dance. He was in two television commercials, one for a local convenient store chain, King Kwik--the other was for a runaway shelter wherein he played a runaway. Additionally, through junior high school he was in several musicals and had to learn to speak French for one of his leading roles. "I wish I had a tape of that. I'm sure it sounded authentic! Taxi!"

In 1984, Quinn and Tom began writing their own music (Quinn-vocals, percussion, and effects: Tom-bass, keys, and effects). They began looking for a keyboard player to form a techno band. In 1985, they found former classmate, Denver DeGregorio. "We first met at this party where we began comparing hair size--then music. I won." They began writing their own music and called themselves Tired of Talking. They played talent shows and parties and started to build quite a following. In 1987, they met with guitar players, Chris Mendal and Dave Henchen, and formed a new band, Touch Foundation. They continued to write and started playing clubs around Cincinnati, opening for acts such as Expose. Unfortunately, the band ended shortly after.

In 1992, Quinn was contacted by then Webster member Denver, who informed Quinn that the band was holding auditions for a singer. Quinn tried out although he'd never considered doing covers. When their lead singer left the band for personal reasons, Quinn agreed to fill in for him at the Waterfront. That's when he caught the bug and decided to join the band, and has been a member ever since.