Karl Brinker

Karl Brinker - Bass and Vocals

Karl Brinker was born in Frederick Maryland located just outside of D.C. At age 8 he came to Cincinnati with his family and began cultivating his musical interests in school playing percussion, trumpet, and tuba.

At 18 Karl traded his horn in for a bass guitar and fell in love with the instrument and the role it provides. After many experiences playing metal and a stint in 80's punk band Peppermint Subway, Karl joined with Redwine. The band had over 40 original tunes and also introduced covers into the set.

After a few years Karl and Mark Manheimer left to form the Websters with Eric Patton , Dave Rutishauser, and Mike Seta. The band had a number of originals from the start but found success in the cover venues. Since then, the linup evolved to the group we know and love today.

Karl spends his time outside the Websters creating music and playing bass in Atoms in Eve. In addition , Karl writes and records with Real Live Humans , playing guitar and bass along with Webster's bandmate Xian Green