Francisco Rojas

Francisco Rojas is the newest member of The Websters. A native of Columbus, OH. Francisco started playing guitar and singing in middle school, learning everything he could get his hands on. During high school Francisco attended the vocational school, Fort Hayes High School, where he began his path as a student of music. Studying musicianship, theory and music history.

Out of high school, Francisco attended Bowling Green State University, where he studied jazz guitar and graduated in 2009 with a BA in Music. While studying at BG, Francisco found a deep appreciation and love for all music. He played in a number of ensembles in school and, in 2008, formed the rock band Crescent Fresh, and it's sister group, Crescent Fresh Acoustic, as lead vocalist and lead guitarist. Both Crescent Fresh and Crescent Fresh Acoustic were known for tight performances and great musicianship, making all the songs they performed very much their own. These two projects played regularly throughout Ohio, until breaking up to pursue new paths in the summer of 2013. Francisco still plays as a soloist frequently around Columbus.

During the summer of 2013, Francisco auditioned to join the Websters and debuted as their new guitarist/vocalist in October of 2013. Francisco immediately made an impact, bringing new life, energy and a very high level of musicianship. His experience, talent and passion have made him an incredible addition to The Websters.