Christian Green

Christian Green - Drums and Percussion

Christian was born in Cincinnati, OH and began his musical journey as a drama and visual arts major at the School for Creative and Performing Arts. He never majored in music and it wasn't until much later that it became his main focus.

After high school, he went on to graduate from the Percussion Institute of Technology in Hollywood, CA, and to record two cd's (Helm's Deep and Only Change Is Constant) with the progressive metal band Brothers Grimm. A year or so later, the Websters offered him the drum seat and he has been a professional musician ever since.

Christian performed with the Websters for a few years, but ended up leaving the band to play with his old Brothers Grimm partner in the band Jonzei. The band wrote and recorded an original cd and had some success playing regionally and opening for national acts. It was also during this time that Christian co-founded Solar Broadcast System, a jazz inspired, completely improvised, instrumental quartet.

In 2001, Christian came full circle and rejoined the Websters. The band immediately went to work on their second cd (Websters Live).

He continues to travel and perform with the Websters, but as a creative artist he couldn't sit still for long. He soon helped form ATOMS IN EVE with friend Aparajit Agarwal and Websters band mate Karl Brinker. The band wrote, recorded, and self-produced their first album (MASS), which was released in 2008 and continues to do well. The music fuses jazz, electronica, and world music, and is an opportunity for Christian to delve deeper into drum programming and odd-meter.

Currently, Christian spends most of his time with his new band REAL LIVE HUMANS (a duo, also with Karl Brinker) singing, playing the guitar, and writing original music. The band is recording their first cd and looks to start performing regularly in the fall.

Christian is also an avid photographer and has begun using some of his images professionally. He has been teaching drums for about seven years. In his time off, Christian enjoys getting tattooed, and watching Steelers football.